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After such a long absence from my page – and not for the first time either – any reason I might give for the delay would smell like an excuse. Instead let me simply introduce a rough mix of a live performance that was recorded and mixed by the incomparable Marc LeCorre, now best known as the soul of Salt Spring music because he runs the equally incomparable Tree House Cafe.

I wrote the song in 2011. It was almost called In Between, because it’s all about the times in between things, fleeting times that I often seem to miss.

This version of the song opens with Tara Hollingsworth – with whom I love, love, love to work – singing the melody, solo. It ends with her doing the same thing. In between, we shift between doing melody and doing harmony in entirely unpredictable ways. I can say that with confidence because neither of us knew when we would do the shifting, on this recording or any other time we did the song.

The musicians were: Dale Robert Bishop on a Strat; Bruce Cameron on drums; Peter McFarlane on bass; Brian Nash on acoustic guitar and backing vocals.